For the first time in the ISIDOG history, its Congress strives for eco-friendliness as well as scientific excellence. Sensitive to all the recent developments concerning environmental protection, the Local Organizing Committee of the 5th ISIDOG Congress have undertaken all necessary actions to reduce the ecologic footprint of the Congress and, at the same time, enhance its eco-friendly impact upon the scientific community.

Those actions apply to all the important aspects of the Meeting, as follows:


One of the basic criteria for the choice of the Wyndham Grand Hotel as venue of the Congress is easy accessibility for participants.


The chosen hotel (Wyndham Grand Hotel) participates in the European common practice for reducing its carbon footprint and has been awarded with “green key” or relevant certifications.


  • Food sourcing is a vital element of ecology preservation. Local produce, eco-friendly food processing and careful allocation of supplies ensure sustainability. Thus, all our caterers will ensure that:
  • The majority of food and drink will be provided by local producers and suppliers with particular priority given to organic practices.
  • Bottled tap water will be provided, highlighting by the fact that the Athenian water is one of the healthiest among European countries.
  • Great attention will be paid to providing the exact quantities according to the expected number of participants. In case of excess supplies, they will be donated to Boroume (meaning We can in Greek, a nonprofit organization to reduce food waste), following the HACCP criteria.

Meeting Material

  • All structures and printed material of the Meeting will be either reusable or recyclable.
  • An attentive estimation and monitoring of participants will help confine printed matter to the quantities necessary for the conduct of the Meeting, thus avoiding paper waste.
  • All printed matters, including badges, final programme, menus etc., will be printed on recycled paper.
  • All certificates of attendance will be sent out electronically, complete with the participants’ data.

Important Dates

Registrations open:
March 20th 2023

Abstract submission begins:
March 20th 2023

Abstract submission deadline extended:
September 10th 2023

Deadline for Early Registration:
July 31st 2023


Final Programme

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